Client Portfolio Programme

Client Portfolio ProgrammeThe Client Portfolio Programme

The Client Portfolio Programme was first piloted by LEO South Cork in 2019, as both a Brexit Preparation programme, and a client re-engagement exercise.

The programme proved to be very successful, with 66 portfolio client companies taking part across Cork County.

The prgramme has a 3-part process

Stage 1

  • A dedicated mentor is assigned to the client, and conducts a 3-hour on-site visit to the business, and conducts a diagnosis interview with the business owner
  • On-site visits means the mentor gets a 'feel' for the business
  • A simple questionnaire with the business owner can assess how the owner feels the company is performing, and allows the mentor to diagnose the issues and opportunities facing the business

Stage 2

  • With the prior approval of the client, the mentor presents their findings to a committee of qualified staff, including LEO staff, and other mentors
  • The staff combine their extensive experience, learning, and industry knowledge to prescribe a series of solutionsfor the client company. 
  • These prescribed steps are 1. short term, 2. long term 3. have a given timeframe in which to be completed
  • The owner is held responsible for taking action on these solutions

Stage 3

  • The business owner is provided with a written report of diagnoses and prescribed steps.
  • After a period of time has elapsed, enough for the business owner to take on board the solutions prescribed, a single follow-up  meeting with the mentor is held to allow for questions, worries, and opinions to be shared

Value to the Client

The Client Portfolio Programme has proved to be very successful, but relies on the business owner being open to suggestion, to differing viewpoints, and to taking an objective look at the company. The solutions may not be what the owner wants to hear, but are always what is deemed best for the business to grow and succeed.

To take part in Client Portfolio Programme, you must be a portfolio member of LEO South Cork.

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