Accelerate Programme

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Participants will gain a greater understanding of:

  • Why they are in business and where their business is going
  • Marketing their business
  • Continuous improvement
  • Developing the business owner/manager and their entrepreneurial capabilities
  • Sales and selling techniques
  • Managing the finances
  • Developing their business needs

Programme Modules 

The programme modules are as follows:

Module 1 Why am I in business? 

  • (2 workshops) Create a vision for your business and a route map to achieving it.

Module 2 Finding and Keeping Customers

  • Understand practical marketing and promotional tools and be able to use these tools effectively to sustain and grow your business.

Module 3 How can my business do better?

  • Identify opportunities for innovation in your business.

Module 4 Managing the Money

  • Understand your financial position and how to improve the profitability of your business.

Module 5 Selling For Profit

  • Use the appropriate selling models for your business and therefore sell more effectively.

Module 6 Being the Boss

  • Self - Management in order to achieve your business goals.

Programme Structure

Programme Duration

The programme is delivered over a six to nine month timeframe comprising of seven workshops and six mentor consultations.


Each participating business is allocated a mentor as part of the programme. The mentor assigned is drawn from a panel of highly skilled and experienced business mentors with particular expertise in assisting the growth and development of small businesses.

Peer Review

At the beginning of modules 2-6 there is an opportunity for participants to exchange ideas with their peers. Progress on implementation of programme business practices will be reviewed by the participant and their peers on the programme.