Artisan Food Innovation Vouchers

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Enterprise Ireland, on behalf of the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine, has put a call out to Small Artisan Sole Traders and Limited Partnerships to apply for the Artisan Innovation Voucher.

Deadline for applications is 5.30pm, 21st April 2016.

Q1: Who is eligible to apply?

Small Artisan Sole Traders and Limited Partnerships who do not have a Company Registration Office (CRO) number, but do have an Approval/Registration number, within the food sector of the Irish economy are eligible to apply for this innovation voucher. Companies in the primary agricultural sector are not eligible. Companies with charitable status, commercial semi-state companies, “not for profit” organisations, trade associations, company representation bodies such as Chambers of Commerce, Sports Clubs and other non-commercial bodies or associations are not eligible to participate in the innovation voucher initiative.

Q2: How does the Artisan Voucher Programme work?

The Artisan Innovation Voucher initiative allows small artisan businesses to apply for a €5,000 voucher. The voucher can be used to purchase academic support from one of the 38 registered knowledge providers, North and South listed on .

If you are awarded an innovation voucher you can use it to purchase leading edge academic expertise to meet your innovation requirements. The aim is to improve your businesses innovation capability and to build links between Ireland’s public sector knowledge providers and the small business community. You can only apply for an Artisan Food Innovation Voucher during the open call. You do not need to identify your knowledge provider in advance and they are valid for 12 months from the date of issue.

The final submission date for this voucher is before 5.30pm on the 21st April 2016. Any applications received after this time will not be accepted.

Q3: How can I apply?

Applications are made via submission of a word doc to the email

Submissions via postage or any other method are not accepted.

For all general queries regarding the Voucher please email

Please note, vouchers are subject to VAT and the artisan business is responsible for the payment of the VAT.