Local Enterprise Office Waterford to host BREXIT and Beyond series of bite-sized webinars

Listen to Head of Enterprise, Richie Walsh talk to  Mary O'Neill of WLRfm on the series.

Over the last few months, it may seem that Brexit had taken a back-seat as local businesses had to deal with the impact on COVID-19.  However, now that the first stage of negotiations is complete, Brexit is set to become a reality as the UK’s Brexit transition period comes to an end on January 1st, 2021.

Once the UK leaves the Customs Union, it will be regarded as a non-European Union country, so therefore Waterford companies need to prepare for dealing with a post-Brexit UK.

Local Enterprise Office Waterford will host a series of free bite-sized webinars as part of its BREXIT and Beyond series over the next two months.  Taking place each Friday from September 25th to November 6th, the webinars are designed to help local businesses plan and take effective action for Brexit and beyond.

What does Brexit mean for business? will examine the implications of Brexit on local businesses and how to mitigate against risks.  Prepare your business for customs and Custom Exports and Imports will focus on the potential impacts, formalities and procedures Waterford businesses will need to adopt when trading with a post-Brexit UK.  Strategic Sourcing will highlight the practical steps that should be considered if your company trades with the UK or your supply chain is partly dependent on the UK.  Financial and Currency Management will examine why businesses should quantify the potential cash flow impact and explore options to manage such an impact.  With many challenges arising How to protect my Business against Brexit will offer a clear and unambiguous guidance about minimising the impact and explore opportunities for growth, while The Simple Guide to overcoming Brexit will help companies navigate the maze of Brexit.

Richie Walsh, Head of Enterprise at Local Enterprise Office Waterford said the BREXIT and Beyond series of webinars should provide some clarity of businesses as we approach the January 1st deadline.

“Businesses not just locally, but regionally, nationally and globally have had so much to contend with over the last six months with COVID-19 and the impact is destined to be felt for many months to come.”

“Brexit is a reality and while the timing couldn’t be worse, there is a necessity for Waterford businesses, particularly those that trade with the UK to start preparing and laying the groundwork.  This series of BREXIT and Beyond bite-sized webinars will offer companies an informative and practical insight into minimising delays and costs and provide direction in how to deal with the consequences of Brexit.”

To book your place on the Local Enterprise Office Waterford BREXIT and Beyond webinars visit here.

If you have any queries regarding your business and Brexit, talk to LEO Waterford #BrexitReady advisor, David Walsh, by calling 0761 102 905 or email dawalsh@waterfordcouncil.ie