New Frontiers Programme

New Frontiers Programme

What is the New Frontiers Programme?

The New Frontiers Programme is a professional training and enterprise support programme aimed at entrepreneurs who have a well thought out innovative business idea or technology that has the potential to be transformed into a High Potential Start Up company. The programme is intended to train potential entrepreneurs in the skills required to establish and run their own businesses.

Where is it based?

The Midlands Innovation and Research Centre (MIRC) in Athlone and MaynoothWorks in Maynooth jointly deliver the New Frontiers programme in the Midlands Mid-East region. This partnership between Athlone Institute of Technology and Maynooth University means that New Frontiers participants have access to the expertise, facilities and resources of both locations.

The MIRC provides incubation facilities and business development support for innovative and knowledge-based startups and makes available the resources and expertise of AIT to support client companies and enterprise in the region. Whether you are a prospective entrepreneur, a start-up, an existing company committed to ongoing innovation or an academic interested in commercialising your research, the MIRC is open to you

How will it work?

Incubation units ranging from 14m² to 42m², concept desking, high-speed broadband, boardroom, meeting room and canteen facilities.

Access to the R&D resources of AIT’s Software Research Institute, Materials Research Institute and Bioscience Research Institute, along with the expertise of AIT’s Schools of Business, Science and Engineering.

Business development support: project management, mentoring, one-to-one interventions to accelerate project progression, and networking.  Student placements and collaborative student projects.

The InnovAIT Entrepreneurship Academy for graduate entrepreneurs – led by AIT’s Business School – is based in the MIRC.

 Who is eligible to Apply?

Applicants should be potential entrepreneurs who have a well thought-out innovative business idea or technology that has the potential to be transformed into a high potential start-up company. The business concept should be: - Knowledge based - Innovative in nature - Have job creation potential - Have export potential or potential to earn external revenues - Have been well researched prior to application.

Further Information on the New Frontiers Programme can be found on the New Frontiers website.

Or by contacting: 

Nick Allen - New Frontiers Programme Manager - 090 648 3043

Click on this link to apply - apply here