Carlow Tourism

Carlow County Council supports the Tourism Sector by working with Carlow Tourism. 

Carlow Tourism is an organization that promotes tourism in County Carlow, located in the southeast of Ireland. The organization's mission is to showcase the natural beauty, heritage, and cultural attractions of Carlow, as well as provide visitors with a high-quality tourism experience. 

Carlow Tourism offers a range of services to visitors, including information on local attractions, accommodation options, events and festivals, and dining and entertainment options. The organization also provides resources and support to local tourism businesses, such as marketing assistance, networking opportunities, and training programs. 

One of the main attractions promoted by Carlow Tourism is the River Barrow, which runs through the county and offers opportunities for water-based activities, such as kayaking and fishing. Other popular attractions include Carlow Castle, Brownshill Dolmen, and the Carlow County Museum. 

Carlow Tourism also hosts several annual events and festivals, such as the Éigse Carlow Arts Festival and the Carlow Garden Festival, which attract visitors from all over Ireland and beyond. 

Overall, Carlow Tourism plays a crucial role in promoting tourism in County Carlow, showcasing the region's natural and cultural attractions and providing visitors with a high-quality tourism experience. 

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