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Craft Hub is a project funded by the Creative Europe program of the European Union that aims to support the craft sector by promoting collaborations between designers, artists, and traditional craftspeople. The project seeks to connect traditional and contemporary craft practices and to foster innovation and creativity within the sector. 

The Craft Hub project involves partners from seven European countries, including Spain, Poland, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Sweden, and Ireland. These partners work together to organize events, workshops, and exhibitions that showcase the work of craft makers and designers, and provide opportunities for skill-sharing and networking. 

Craft Hub aims to address some of the challenges faced by the craft sector, such as limited visibility and a lack of access to new markets and audiences. By promoting collaboration and innovation, the project hopes to strengthen the position of craftspeople within the creative industries and support the continued development of this important cultural sector. 

For further information go to CraftHub European Project – Investigating and documenting craft skills and processes

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