Notice of Proposed Part 8 Development Potato Market


Notice of Proposed Part 8 Development

Planning and Development Act 2000 (as amended) Part XI

Planning and Development Regulations 2001 (as amended) - Part 8

Applicant:           Carlow County Council

Location:             Potato Market, Carlow Town, Co. Carlow

Proposal: Pursuant to the requirements of the above, notice is hereby given of Carlow County Council’s intention to create a covered open space in the old Tully’s Yard on Potato Market, Carlow Town, County Carlow.

Description of development:

Carlow County Council wish to create a covered open space in the centre of Carlow Town at Potato Market, in the old Tully’s Yard, which will be called The Carlow Exchange. This will be a multi-functional community space that can be used for events/workshops/markets/festivals, and so forth.

Development will entail retaining the existing stone walls, replacing the existing gate to the yard, building a series of new folded roofs over the yard, the creation of a new second pedestrian/vehicular gate, and resurfacing of the space, including all signage and all ancillary works associated with the creation of this multi-functional community space.

An Environmental Impact Assessment preliminary examination, an Appropriate Assessment Screening, an Archaeological Impact Assessment, and a Noise Impact Assessment Report for the proposed development have been completed and are available for inspection.

Due to Covid 19 restrictions, plans and particulars for the proposed development including all reports are available for inspection online at or during office hours by appointment only at County Offices, Athy Road, Carlow by contacting (059) 9129 786 or emailing: for a period of 4 weeks commencing on 23rd March 2021. You can also purchase a copy of same at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy.

A submission or observation in relation to the proposed development, dealing with the proper planning and sustainable development of the area in which the development would be situated, may be made, in writing, to the Planning Department, Carlow County Council, County Buildings, Athy Road, Carlow clearly marked ‘Carlow Exchange Part 8 Process’ or online at Carlow County Council’s public consultation portal, CiviQ, at by email to with the subject line being clearly noted as ‘Carlow Exchange Part 8 Process’, before 5.00 p.m. on  7th May 2021. NOTE 1: Please make your submission by one medium only (i.e. hard copy or by email or online at CiviQ). NOTE 2: Submissions or observations received are subject to public viewing.

In accordance with Article 81 and 120 of the Planning & Development Regulations 2001, as amended, Carlow County Council has concluded from a preliminary examination that there is no real likelihood of significant effects on the environment arising from the proposed development and an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is not required. Any person may, within 4 weeks from the date of this notice apply to An Bord Pleanála for an Environmental Impact Assessment Screening Determination as to whether the proposed development would be likely to have significant effects on the environment.


Michael Rainey, Director of Services

Carlow County Council                   March 23rd 2021