Customer Experience as Your Competitive Edge 2nd July 2024

Online Via Zoom
9.30am - 12.30pm

Do you want your business to be more efficient & profitable? Learn to stand out from the crowd, be memorable, and differentiate your business against the rest.

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Customer Experience as Your Competitive Edge 

Customer service is the backbone of good business and it drives everything a business owner, and employees, do. This interactive workshop includes content and information on presentation, conversation, hands-on practice, and Q&A and aimed at changing participants perspective regarding customer service, customer experience and the customer journey.


The main concepts this workshop is built around is:

  • The “Changing Hats” Phenomenon
  • End-to-End CX
  • Stop and Think
  • From Challenge to Opportunity


The workshop also covers the following subjects:

  • The Changing Hats Phenomenon – how it creates bad CX and how to avoid it
  • What is Customer Experience and its importance?
  • What are End-to-End customer experience and a customer-centric approach?
  • Concepts of good customer service & customer experience
  • How to merge the experience between online & offline?
  • “The client is always right” question
  • How to use mistakes to grow?
  • Retention & reviews
  • How customer service relates to digital presence, brand, website, and marketing?
  • Practical steps to improve customer service (from current state analysis to taking action)
  • What are the leading tools for customer service and how to use them effectively – Zendesk, Intercom, WhatsApp, Hootsuite, etc?
  • Customer service KPIs
  • How to combine, align and use all the customer service channels in the most effective way – email, social media, phone, knowledge base (FAQs)?
  • Using data & personalisation to improve customer service & experience
  • How is Customer Experience related to Employee Experience?


During the workshop we include many real-life examples, hands-on activities and plenty of discussions with participants to understand their own individual pain-points so we could address them and make sure they receive the most value.

Participants will receive a comprehensive summary document after the workshop.


Learning Outcomes: 

Our goal is to leave the participants with full understanding & motivation, and practical knowledge they can apply confidently & immediately.

  • Participants will have the tools and be able to assess their customer service and the customer journey in their business and prepare a plan of action for needed changes
  • Participants will understand the importance of end-to-end customer experience and a customer-centric point of view and will be able to design appropriate new processes or change existing ones
  • Participants will be able to choose the right tools and channel mix for their business and start using them to improve their customer service
  • Participants will be able to resolve customer service issues more easily and in a more effective way, without losing time, reputation, and business
  • Participants will understand the power of reviews, how to ask for them and where to use them, and will be able to do so and improve their reputation, brand awareness and digital presence


Delivery Methodology

This programme will include a combination of short presentations integrated with group work and individual tasks online with a strong emphasis on practical application throughout. Participants will get the opportunity to practice their skills during the programme in a way that will allow you to immediately apply the topics covered in your businesses. This will be supported by relevant printed materials that participants will receive.

Please note, as this is an online workshop, participants are required to have their own laptop (that can connect to WiFi).


About your Facilitator

This programme is being run by Degani Consultants Limited.

Hidai & Orli Degani, of O.H Degani Consultants Ltd, are experts in the Tech and Digital Marketing fields. Originally from Israel, they have been working with SMEs, in SMEs, as SMEs and with companies selling to SMEs for over 17 years, in 6 countries, and various industries.

They offer different viewpoints and ways of explaining concepts in an open, friendly, fun environment.

Hidai Headshot  Orli Headshot
Hidai Degani                             Orli Degani


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