LEAN Business Programme in DLR

Lean Business Offer

Lean is about helping your business to increase performance and competitiveness.

Lean tools and techniques are helping companies across the globe to address competitiveness issues within their businesses by building the capability of their people to identify problems, improve operations and create a more innovative organisation.

In a nutshell, Lean is about doing things quicker, better and saving costs. Lean strives to remove waste and to continually improve a company.

Proven Results

The Local Enterprise Board can provide your business with specialised training in Lean tools and techniques. Join the 1,000’s of companies all over Ireland who have successfully engaged in LEAN business programmes and recorded significant gains, including:

  • Productivity increases 20%
  • Sales increases 40%
  • Delivery adherence improvements 43%
  • Product & Service quality improvements 30%
  • Employment increases 11%

(Source: Government report)

Whats's involved?

The training programme introduces Lean concepts and gives you an understanding of what the tools and techniques can do for your company in a short, focused engagement.

The programme is provided by an external consultant/trainer and each company participating is encouraged to complete a specific improvement project to show the value of the approach.

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Watch this video to hear how local companies have benefited from Lean training:

Case Studies

Lean - Adams and Butler Siobhan Byrne Learat

Siobhan Byrne Learat, CEO - Adams & Butler

“.. the ethos within the company changed and for the

first time ever we became a team."

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Phonovation Gavin Carpenter

Gavin Carpenter, CEO - Phonovation

“… lean is about operating the business on a model

of continuous improvement…. and actually living it.”

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Lean - Monsoon

Bharat Sharma, CEO - Monsoon Consulting

 “… if we didn’t adopt LEAN my business wouldn’t even exist.”

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