Growing Lean: How to Build a Better Business

12.30pm - 1.30pm

Join us for a free lunch time showcase event about the Lean for Micro Programme. This webinar will explain the Lean approach for small businesses.

This event is no longer available

Growing Lean: How to Build a Better Business

Many business owners face growing pains in their business, systems and processes that once worked and now take too much time and effort, hampering service delivery and preventing them to focus on high value activities that would grow their business.  Lean is an approach to doing things Quicker, Smarter, Cheaper, & Better, but getting started can be a challenge.

Lean focuses on the elimination of Waste for your day-to-day task, improving efficiency, saving time and money. But for many business owners, lean is about more than cash savings though. For most, it is about building a stable, secure, and sustainable business that is agile enough to face economic challenges. For many it is about liberating themselves from Non-Value adding activities through questioning and re-designing their processes, allowing them to focus on business growth and Value-Adding activities. For others, Lean has given them the ability to get home on time, work less at the weekends, while still getting the work done.

The Adoption of Lean Thinking and taking a Grow Lean approach helps to Build a Better Business. The Local Enterprise Office is partnering with Jigsaw to deliver the Lean for Micro Programme, so we can help great businesses like yours BE BETTER!

Getting started with Lean can be a challenge and, in this session, you will hear and see lean tools and thinking, key steps and challenges to getting started, practical examples from companies on their  steps and some practical exercises that you can apply in your business the next day.

If you are a micro enterprise looking to Build a Better Business, this Information Session is for you.


What we’ll cover:

  • The Lean Journey
  • What is Lean all About
  • Muda - 8 Deadly Wastes
  • How Lean applies to any business.
  • Some practical examples
  • Getting Started
  • Supports Available & Next Steps


You will also hear from two Dublin Businesses who have taken part in the Lean for Micro Program.  They will share the challenges they faced, the changes they made, and the impact it had on their business.


Webinar will be facilitated by Stuart Nelson of Jigsaw Better Business.

Stuart is the co-founder and C.I. Director of Jigsaw Better Business and has extensive experience working with individuals and teams going through change. With Black Belts in Lean & Six Sigma, and 3rd level qualifications in Psychology, Innovation, and Coaching, he supports the people behind the process to sustain change.

Stuart won the inaugural award for Contribution to Lean Learning at the 1st Lean Business Ireland Enterprise Excellence awards for his research and training / coaching program for the pillars of Lean Culture, Leadership, Team Learning, and Employee Engagement.  A frequent speaker on the Lean Mindset, he has spoken at regional, national, & international conferences on the subject. 

Jigsaw Better Business is an Award-Winning Enterprise Ireland, IDA and Local Enterprise Office Lean Service Provider, and through creative problem solving, people development & process innovation, we help great businesses BE BETTER!