Have You Registered For Our Remote Working in County Kilkenny Lunchtime Seminar ?- Friday 10th September

Remote working is not a new concept however owing to COVID 19 restrictions it has quickly been adopted by many organisations; small and large and is likely to remain a feature in many workplaces into the future. Remote working has many benefits – socially, economically and environmental such as promoting local economic development, improved quality of life and improved work/life balance, reducing carbon emissions, cost savings for businesses, etc. Remote working also assists in creating more diverse and inclusive workplaces. There is significant demand amongst employees towards flexible work arrangements to improve work-life balance and reducing commuting times.

A number of large multinational’s business have indicated that they intend introducing permanent flexible working arrangements including remote working for employees e.g. Microsoft, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Some businesses have always been operating remotely e.g. NearForm in Waterford for the past decade and more recently Shopify announced that it would.

The Local Enterprise Office Kilkenny in conjunction with the Grow Remote Kilkenny Chapter has organised a free online information seminar about Remote Working in County Kilkenny on Friday 10th September from 1pm -2pm. This seminar aims to inform people about the supports and opportunities available for people working remotely from County Kilkenny and also hear the experiences of people who are already working remotely. Guest speakers include John Evoy, General Manager of Grow Remote; a not-for-profit organisation set up to assist local communities (chapters) to used remote working as a tool for social and economic development and Kilkenny based remote worker Candida Frith McDonald, whom along with her husband Richard have over 20 years’ experience of remote working. The couple first experienced remote working when they moved from London to Cornwall in 1997 and remained working for their London based employers. In 2019, the couple set up home in Kilkenny but continue working remotely and have never regretted it. 


Fiona Deegan, Head of Enterprise, Local Enterprise Office Kilkenny will outline the possible opportunities for remote working in locations throughout the County through the Connected Hubs grants scheme including the Abbey Business Centre in Kilkenny City and community centres in Muckalee, Ballyouskill, Crosspatrick, Galmoy, Glenmore and Dunbell.


Cllr Maria Dollard, a member of Grow Remote Kilkenny Chapter outlines that “there is lots of potential for remote working; either working from home or remotely from a location close to home (i.e. remote working hubs) and it offers many advantages for employers, employees and their families, communities and the environment”. She added “the seminar aims to inform people about the supports that are available for people considering remote working here from County Kilkenny”.

To register for this free online information seminar visit https://bit.ly/3DEvYda