Small Business Vacant Premises Scheme

Small Business Vacant Premises Incentive Scheme

Kilkenny County Council operates a Small Business Vacant Premises Incentive Scheme to aid regeneration of towns and villages, support job creation by viable businesses, ease financial challenges of start- ups and micro businesses.

The scheme provides a grant incentive for small businesses to occupy previously vacant commercial premises (i.e. vacant for 6 months or more).  

The grant is based on a correlation to the business's commercial rates paid on a reducing basis over 3 years as outlined below.

Please note: Displacement of existing businesses (similar trading) will have to be taken into consideration; the applicant business must be involved in a trading activity that is not causing displacement to existing businesses in the area

 The scheme applies to premises where the rates bill is €5000 or less.


Rates eligible

Grant category

Maximum Grant award to Business

End of Year 1

Up to €5,000



End of Year 2

Up to €5,000



End of Year 3

Up to €5,000








The grant is payable when there is evidence of a full year’s rates payable to Kilkenny County council and tax clearance verification from Revenue.


If you wish to apply for to the Small Business Vacant Premises Incentive Scheme please contact us on 056 7752662 or email us at where our Business Advisor can discuss how to progress an application if appropriate.