Evaluation & Approvals Committee Membership

Our next Scheduled Evaluation and Approvals Committee meeting will take place on Wednesday 21st September.

Should you wish to have your application considered at this meeting, completed applications must be received into this office no later than Monday August 29th 2022

Please note, Evaluation committee meetings run throughout the year on a cyclical basis, you can submit an application at any stage you wish and it will be brought to the next available scheduled Evaluation Committee. Provisional dates for 2022 committee meetings are as follows:







Application Cut Off

Wednesday 23rd February


Wednesday, January 26th 2022

Wednesday 27th April


Monday, 28th March 2022

Wednesday 22nd June


Wednesday 1st June 2022

Wednesday 21st September


Monday August 29th 2022

Wednesday 23rd November


Wednesday 2nd November 2022

For further information please email at:  aileen.mcgrath@leo.kilkennycoco.ie

The Evaluation and Approvals Committee (EVAC) is composed of members as outlined

below with the secretariat function provided by the Local Enterprise Office (LEO).


Members of the EVAC include:

  • A Chairperson (either the Chief Executive or another senior local authority official not from the LEO)
  • A representative of Enterprise Ireland;
  • Five individuals with specific areas of business expertise (i.e. record of entrepreneurship, accountancy experience, knowledge of markets / sectors /technology, and banking / financial expertise)
  • A representative of Leader