Remote Working Hubs Kilkenny City and County

more than just a desk


Working from remote hubs in Kilkenny provides individuals and businesses with the advantages of connectivity, flexibility, cost savings, access to talent, and a stimulating work environment.

These factors contribute to improved productivity, work-life balance, and overall job satisfaction.

More than just a Desk” further promotes Connected Hub and Business Centre working, gets people co-working and networking more again and showcases what a fantastic remote working base Kilkenny city and county has to offer. The variety and quality of remote working hubs in locations across Kilkenny creates fantastic opportunities for people to live and work and hotdesk, where necessary, or even during visits here.  This, in turn, supports our small local businesses and communities as local spend increases.  It gives people more family time and fewer commutes also means lower greenhouse gas emissions. It’s a win/win for everyone.

The physical infrastructure provided and positive business environment created is all boosting demand from employees, freelancers and the self-employed for the up to 150 individual working bases/spaces with the added bonus of being signposted to supporting bodies such as the Local Enterprise Office.


Kilkenny’s established Business Centres include:

  • We Do Work Centre;
  • Castlecomer Enterprise Centre;
  • New Work Junction;
  • Pembroke Business Centre and
  • Piltown Enterprise Centre.

Connected Hubs are located in:

  • Galmoy Community Centre;
  • Glenmore Community Centre;
  • Ballyouskill Community Centre;
  • Crosspatrick Community Centre
  • Connolly’s of Dunbell and
  • Urlingford Exit 4 Remote Networking Hub


For more information on remote working opportunities and services in Kilkenny city and county and how to book such services, check out This project is being funded by the Department of Rural and Community Development under Town and Village Renewal Scheme.


Check out some remote working hubs within the city and county here

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