Shop Kilkenny 2023

Welcome to the Shop Kilkenny Campaign 2023!

Supporting Local Businesses, Jobs, and Communities this Christmas

Are you ready to make a difference this holiday season? Join us in the #ShopKilkenny campaign, an exciting initiative brought to you by the Local Enterprise Office Kilkenny and the Kilkenny County Council. We are here to remind you of the incredible impact you can have on our local businesses, jobs, and communities by choosing to shop locally this Christmas.

Why Shop Local?

The Shop Kilkenny Christmas campaign is designed to emphasize the importance of supporting our local businesses, especially during the festive season. As we gear up for the festive season, it becomes even more vital to recognise the value of shopping local, not just for ourselves, but for the entire community. By opting to shop within Kilkenny city and county, we contribute to the growth of our local economy and create job opportunities that will benefit us all.

Discover a World of Local Wonders

Kilkenny is bursting with exceptional local produce and unique gift options that are perfect for this Christmas. We invite you to explore the vast range of goods and experiences available throughout the county. From handcrafted treasures to mouth-watering festive treats, we guarantee you'll find something truly extraordinary for everyone on your list.

Be Part of the Movement

By participating in the Shop Kilkenny campaign, you become a vital agent of change in our community. Your purchasing decisions have the power to shape the future of Kilkenny, boosting local businesses and strengthening our united well-being. Join the movement and make a lasting impact on the lives of our neighbours and friends.

Connect with Us

Keep up with the latest news, offers, and hidden gems of the Shop Kilkenny campaign by following the #ShopKilkenny hashtag on social media. Together, let's celebrate this Christmas season by supporting our local economy and fostering a thriving community.


Shop Kilkenny. Support Local. Keep it in the County.

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