New Business Supports

Team_working_with_whiteboardStarting a Business?

If you are thinking about starting a business in County Kilkenny, then LEO Kilkenny should be your first port of call. Through our ‘First Stop Shop’ service, we can help you consider your options and help you decide whether or not self-employment is for you. Starting your own business can be an exciting and challenging experience. However you need to take time to consider if self-employment is the way forward for you.

Entrepreneurs are usually;
- Totally committed
- Self-confident all-rounders
- Results-orientated
- Innovators
- Professional risk-takers
- Resilient with the ability to bounce back
- Effective managers with good management skills

Key questions to ask yourself about starting your own business: 
- Do you have the skills/experience needed to run a business?
- Do you have sufficient motivations to stick with it got as long as it takes? 
- Do you have the support of your family?
- Is your business idea based in reality?
- Do you need further training?
- Are you ready to write your business plan?

Key questions to ask yourself about your business: 
- Why is it a good idea?
- On what assumptions is your opinion based?
- How can you prove that those assumptions are correct?
- What types of customer will be interested in your product/service and why?
- List reasons why your idea will work?
- List reasons why the idea may not work?
- What is different about this idea from others already in the market-place?
- Why are those differences important?
- Is your idea a single product opportunity or a realistic business proposition?

One of the principal reasons for business failure is the lack of business planning. That's why writing a comprehensive business plan is so important.
We also offer a comprehensive training schedule and run practical courses that focus on building knowledge and skills suitable for those starting or running a small business.