Management Development Programme with Blaise Brosnan

The Management Development Programme (MDP) is the Local Enterprise Office most comprehensive offering to small businesses in County Kilkenny & Carlow, the objective being to get companies stabilised, ready for growth and increased competitiveness.

This Programme is facilitated by renowned business mentor Blaise Brosnan and is a different kind of training programme!  Restricted to the owner-managers of established (minimum 3 years) and growing businesses, the calibre of participants is high and their business needs are similar.

To date the MDP has assisted hundreds of Owner-Managers across Ireland to significantly improve their businesses.  The Programme has received excellent feedback from participants in other counties, most stating that it is the best thing they ever did for their business!

Core modules covered include:

  • General Management (best practice)
  • Strategic positioning
  • Sales management
  • Management-level finance
  • Negotiation skills
  • Human resource management
  • Self-development/Motivation
  • Time Management (the 80:20 rule)
  • Tax planning
  • Marketing
  • Quality Control


Three one-to-one mentoring visits with Blaise Brosnan are included in the programme fee. The course fee of €250 is highly subsidised by the Local Enterprise Offices Kilkenny & Carlow.

About Blaise Brosnan

Blaise Brosa

Blaise Brosnan has a unique blend of practical top management experience gained over 25 years in his capacity as Chief Executive of a well-known National Irish business and later as business mentor to a range of Irish business types. Blaise has also worked closely with many major international companies all over the world, to successfully implement business interventions and strategic growth programs, guiding these businesses through the many phases of change to successful outcomes and significant growth in business and profitability.

Earlier in his career to underpin his ‘cutting edge’ experience, Blaise studied and graduated from Trinity College Dublin in 1989 with a M.Sc – Management.

Blaise brings his wealth of practical and theoretical business experience to each of his roles – as entrepreneur, business director, business consultant and coach.

In recent years, Blaise’s clients have regularly requested that he create a resource where he could impart much of his unique and invaluable knowledge, strategy and experience in one place. And so his three books were written.

Blaise’s books – You are the Limiting Factor, Jack and I Dare You are hands on, practical guide books for life and business and are a distillation of the years of Blaise’s knowledge, experience and lessons learned through life and business. This series of books are a ‘blueprint’ of practical, hands on advice and tools that have helped readers to achieve their goals and soar to their highest potential.


Participants can expect the following outcomes on completion of the training programme

  1. Clarify of PURPOSE for themselves and their business
  2. Defining the business opportunity going forward
  3. How to approach these opportunities in a SMARTER way.

The programme, which will commence of Friday 8th March (full-day workshop) and then continue for 14 consecutive Tuesday mornings from 8.00am – 12 noon. The venue will alternate between the Dolmen Hotel Carlow for the first half fo the programme and Kilkenny for the latter half. In addition there will be the opportunity for each of the participants to have up to 3 one-to-one confidential meetings with Blaise. The purpose of these is to facilitate them to discuss in private issues which they may not want discussed in the group sessions.




Book online www.localenterpriseie.kilkenny