Small Business Management Development Programme

Thursday 26th May
09.30 - 12.30pm for Workshops
Management Development

This programme will be delivered in conjunction by Kilkenny and Carlow Enterprise Offices and participations will be from both Counties. This Management Development Programme will be delivered via blended learning (physical and virtual workshops) and will commence on Thursday 26th May 2022 and run for 12 weeks (with a break over the summer months). This programme is for owners-managers planning for the next stage of their business cycle. It is recommended that businesses are established a minimum of 3 years.


The three main outcomes that participants can expect following completion are;

  • Each participant will create a strategy document that will be the foundation for new growth in their business, while safe-guarding from risk (ongoing challenges of Brexit, COVID recovery and otherwise). This strategy will include specific actions in the areas of leadership and risk management; finance; innovation; sales; marketing and digital presence. Measurable targets and a timeline will be key to the strategy to ensure that growth can be measured as an outcome of participation in this programme.
  • Each participant will obtain the tools, resources, and a peer network to fulfil on the strategy. The group will have the ability to maintain a ‘Board You Can’t Afford’ network, as we will provide the structure and direction of supporting one another through the programme and after completion by meeting on a monthly or regular basis going forward.
  • Each participant will distinguish what it will take to grow their business and determine if they are prepared to accept the challenge. This will require the participant to demonstrate new management skills and an investment of both time and finance in making changes to their ‘normal’ way of operating their business. Growth doesn’t happen without change.

Dates are as follows

Workshops 26th May, 9th June, 23rd June 15th September and 6th October 9.30m – 12.30 each day - Please note the date for the second workshop is to be confirmed.

Mentoring: Both Group and Individual Mentoring will take place intermittently throughout the programme

This Management Development Programme will be delivered by the Entrepreneur’s Academy.