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Ground Wellbeing


As demand for wellness products continues to soar, Peigín Crowley of Ground Wellbeing was on to a winner when she launched her own product line of wellnessPeigin Crowley oils in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Having worked as a spa therapist for many years, she launched the Elemis Spa brand into the Irish market. Then in 2013, she focused her sights on design, helping to create some of the most luxurious spas around the country. But her passion always lay in the treatment and holistic side of spa therapy, so it wasn’t long before she began developing her own product lines using therapeutic grade essential oils for use in professional setting.

Ground Launch in 2020

Then, backed by Local Enterprise Office South Cork, in November 2020, she launched GROUND, a range of wellness oils for use in the home where people can enjoy the luxury of a spa treatment in the comfort of their own surroundings.

“I wanted to create a brand which focuses on rebuilding our ‘at home’ relationship, helps bring us back to ourselves, and reminds us of what really matters, especially during these unsettling times,” she says. “Our calming and restorative products are created for men, women and children, are made from pure botanical vegan ingredients which are pesticide and herbicide free, naturally sourced and cruelty free. “Each product is hand-crafted using traditional methods and made by myself in small batches on my kitchen table in Cork.” Although she has been fortunate to be able to continue creating her products during the recent lockdowns, she has been affected by both the pandemic and Brexit. “It has been tricky as during the set up and design it was difficult not being in the same room as suppliers and designers while assessing samples and colours,” she says. “Raw materials are also taking longer to be processed as manufacturing and deliveries have slowed down – but you lean into it and not over-promise on supply." “

Navigating Brexit with LEO Support

"With regard to Brexit, I have two spas launching with GROUND in the UK, and thankfully my LEO mentor has been excellent t helping me navigate the new customs process. we are testing and teething through it, but it's a necessary step as the UK is a valuable market” The Spa Consultant is hoping to branch out across the country with different products and a new website in coming weeks and says her Local Enterprise Office has been of great assistance. “LEO Cork South have been instrumental in supporting me when Covid first stuck, with the Trading Online Voucher and with Business Continuity Support,” she says. “I have also been approved for a Business Priming Grant and I got advice on brand set up and strategy.” 

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