Organisation essential to business success

Shana Chu, founder of Tailr has redefined the process of production for the clothing industry from her cloud-based studio. In her own words, “We take the headache out of garment production by simplifying a complicated process.”

Though it’s not that simple a story, Shana started her career as a garment technologist for the PPE industry, designing and certifying fire suits and fire-resistant clothing. “It was during my career I witnessed the disconnect in the industry, when I visited factory floors internationally. From working with highly technical fabrics and visiting the factories, I got to see areas of the supply chain ripe for innovation. This technical experience combined with my lifelong love of fashion and what seemed to be a perennial issue with sizing, germinated an idea that became Tailr.”

Tailr is a software platform for fashion brands to solve issues in garment design and production. The platform streamlines the production process, reduces sampling time and ensures consistent sizing.

As a native from Waterford City, when Shana was setting up her business, she naturally approached the Local Enterprise Office for help. As well as advice and mentoring she received a LEO Desk programme in Boxworks. The aim of the scholarship is simple, to facilitate potential start-ups by providing a coworking creative and networking environment while one puts specific goals in place with the aid of monthly meetings with a LEO business advisor.

She also received a Feasibility Grant the LEO, these are designed to assist the promoter in researching market demand for a product or service and examining its sustainability. It includes assistance with innovation including specific consultancy requirements, hiring of expertise from third level colleges private specialists, design, patent costs, and prototype development.

For fashion brands, Tailr increases efficiency and throughput, improves quality control, and ultimately reduces e-commerce returns and landfill.

“In an era where the fashion industry is grappling with waste and inconsistent sizing, Tailr’s innovative platform offers a comprehensive solution. Our technology empowers clothing brands to streamline production, enhance sustainability, and deliver consistent sizing from season to season,” says Shana. “For as long as I remember I always had to touch fabric, feel how soft or rough it is, feel how it drapes, how it handles. That never stopped. Nowadays, I love how technology has enabled future fashion designers.

“I’ve learned so much since my first interaction with the team at the LEO. For me, the most important elements for business are organisation and a good team. It’s so important to try to be organised and stay on top of things. When you are starting on your own you have to wear so many hats and if you are not organised, things can easily slip. Hiring a team really helps with this and I am so lucky to have hired some amazing team members around me.”

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