Hugh Kenny set up Coatek from his home in Craanford, Co. Wexford in 2004 and the window film and manifestations company now has 23 employees. 

Coatek was built from the ground up by keeping promises and putting the customer first. “I’ve always worked really hard and been there when I say I’m going to be there. It’s important to have confidence in the product you’re selling,” said Hugh. “But you have to have that relationship between customer and your company.”


Hugh looked after all the business operations in the early days. Business was slow for the first year, but the company has continued to grow since. Their client list now includes Google, LinkedIn and multiple embassies in Ireland.


“If there was an organisational structure it’s myself at the top. That’s not always the way you want it to be! I’ve appointed managers in various sectors. We’ve a production facility in Newtown Mount Kennedy in Wicklow and our office is based on the main street of Gorey.”

 “I always found LEO really helpful. I couldn’t rate them highly enough. We received a business expansion grant from, and It’s no coincidence that with LEO we grew our workforce. most recently (Jan 2023) we benefitted from their lean for micro grant”

 “It’s a passion; It’s probably the next most important thing after your family. We’ve got a good team that we enjoy working with here and we’re anxious to secure their futures as well. Please God things keep going well.”