Complaints Policy

Customer Complaints Procedure

1.Introduction This procedure ensures that customers are dealt with in accordance with the Wexford Local Enterprise Office Mission Statement and Customer Charter

2.Scope of Procedure This procedure applies to all complaints received by Wexford Local Enterprise Office staff.

3.Definition Customer = Any client, promoter, course participant, visitor or other person who avails of the services of Wexford Local Enterprise Office.

4.Responsibilities The Head of the LEO has the responsibility for resolving customer complaints.

5.Customer Charter The Wexford Local Enterprise Office Customer Charter defines the level of care taken to ensure that the customer is properly treated on all dealings with the board.


A.Complaints may be received in person, by telephone or in writing.

B.All complaints will be recorded in detail on a Customer Complaints form. The Customer Complaints form will be directed to the Head of LEO for resolution.

C.All complaints will be acknowledged by the Head of LEO in writing.

D.The Head of LEO will record details of any correspondence on the Customer Complaints form.

E.The resolution of the complaint will be recorded on the Customer Complaints form.

F.The complainant will be informed in writing of the resolution of the complaint

G.At the discretion of the Head Of LEO the County Manager may be informed of a particular complaint.

For where to where to send your complaint or to make a complaint through the online complaints form click here: