Start A Business

Key questions to ask yourself about starting your own business?

  • Do you have the skills/experience needed to run a business?
  • Do you have sufficient motivations to stick with it got as long as it takes?
  • Do you have the support of your family?
  • Does your business idea based in reality?
  • Is your business a start-up, buy-in of an existing business, franchise or network marketing?
  • Do you need further training? – What kind of training do you need?
  • Are you ready to write your business plan?

As an entrepreneur starting a business, it is important to spend time accessing your idea and its viability. This will not only give you an even better understanding of your idea, it will improve it and will make you more competitive.

Key questions to ask yourself about your business?

  • Why is it a good idea?
  • On what assumptions is your opinion based?
  • How can you prove that those assumptions are correct?
  • What types of customer will be interested in your product/service?
  • Why?
  • List reasons why the idea may not work?
  • List reasons why your idea will work?
  • What is different about this idea from others already in the market-place?
  • Why are those differences important?
  • Is your idea a single product opportunity or a realistic business proposition?

Characteristics of an entrepreneur;

  • Self-confident all-rounder
  • The ability to bounce back
  • Innovative skills
  • Results-orientated
  • Professional risk-taker
  • Total commitment
  • Good management skills