Microfinance Ireland offering discounted rate to IBYE applicants

Microfinance Ireland is offering a discounted rate of 5% on loans up to €5,000 for all Ireland's Best Young Entrepreneur competition applicants.

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Microfinance Ireland is very pleased to support the 2016 IBYE competition, and we are now offering loan finance of up to €5,000 at a discounted rate of 5% to competition applicants who may require loan funding to help them establish and grow their business. 

Eligibility: This loan offer is available to all applicants in the Best Start Up and Best Established Business categories from now until 31st March 2017.

For applicants entering the Best Business IdeaCategory, we understand that it might take a bit longer to commence trading and therefore, we are extending this loan finance offer until 30thJune 2017 so that these applicants can apply for loan finance for their business idea is closer to trading stage.

See the Application Form for these Microfinance Loans here.

To avail of this special rate, you must be an IBYE applicant.  Apply to the IBYE competition at www.IBYE.ie  by 14th October 2016