Preparing a Business Plan

Preparing a Business Plan

Here is a Sample Business Plan which demonstrates the key principles of a well-prepared Business Plan:

Sample Business Plan.pdf (size 504.7 KB)

Business Plan & Financial Projections Templates

Click here to download a more detailed Business Plan Template which you can use to prepare your own Business Plan.

Although the above template may seem intimidating at first, the exercise of going through it step by step and completing the material relevant to your business idea is invaluable.

The exercise of preparing a Business Plan can help you to really interogate and understand your business in ways that may not have seemed obvious to you before. Preparing a comprehensive business plan like this can put you in a very strong starting position when it comes to appying for finance and/or loans for your business.

Alongside a good Business Plan, a thorough understanding of your business' cashflow and finances is also important.

This Financial Projections Template from Microfinance Ireland is well worth completing alongside your Business Plan.

[Microfinance Ireland is a Government-supported, not-for-profit initiative which provides unsecured business loans to small businesses. Click here to learn more.]