Business Advice Clinic 11/04/2024

For 1 Hour
09:00 - 17:00
Business Training

This one hour meeting will assist and support participants in identifying the bottle necks and opportunities for their business.

This event is no longer available

Business Advice Clinics - 11/04/2024

“Explore new avenues & create new opportunities to increase sales”

Overall Aim:

The aim of the business clinic is to assist and support each participant in identifying the bottle necks and opportunities for their business.”. The mentor /trainer will act as a “bouncing board” helping the participant to evaluate options, develop a skill, come up with new ideas or discuss a particular concern that they may have within their business.

Who Should Attend:

A practical and interactive one-to-one session, these clinics are designed to give business owners or staff the chance to discuss different ways to set up or develop their business, overcome obstacles or learn a particular skill. They will assist in fine-tuning the necessary steps to take to get to the next stage.


The business clinics can address any of the following areas:

  • The business opportunity – key steps to assess the viability of a business, product or new direction
  • Business planning - work out the business strategy and create a successful business plan
  • Key steps in setting up a business – CRO, VAT, Accountant, limited co versus sole trader etc
  • What do you stand for - identifying the vision, mission statement and values of the business
  • What’s the purpose of the business and business differentiator – quantity versus quality
  • Time management as a business owner – learning to strategically prioritise and get more out of the day
  • The basics of finance – budgets, expenses, cash management, forecasting and cashflow
  • Time versus money – tracking time to identify actual costs, margins and areas of focus
  • Working out the right price versus cost of running the business
  • Target market – identifying your audience, market research, market size and profiling
  • Key differences in marketing to business-to-business market against business to consumer
  • Exploring marketing ideas – devise new ideas and test options
  • Presenting your products – packing, branding, benefits and overall message
  • Devise sales and marketing strategies to generate leads, build the pipeline and increase sales 
  • Database marketing – gather customer information & building d a customer database (CRM) and GDPR
  • The numbers game - set realistic conversion rates using resources & timescales available
  • Marketing to your customer –direct marketing, online marketing, USP and your overall message
  • Business writing, email marketing and related etiquette
  • Your online media presence – getting online, websites and introduction to social media
  • Know your worth – building value in your product or service
  • Sales techniques – learn clever sales approaches that bring success
  • Key steps in effective networking – develop customers, partners and referrals
  • Cashflow management, projections and forecasting
  • Invoicing, chasing money and managing cashflow
  • Financial reporting, grants and investing in the future
  • GDPR, overview of employment law, consumer law, copyright, contracts and other related matters
  • Overview of HR, hiring staff, job descriptions, learning and development
  • Planning project - resource planning and time management
  • The next steps for any business – renting a premises, taking on staff, outsourcing, new markets etc
  • Someone to talk to – sometimes it’s just about getting another opinion


Karen Sommerville
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