Finance/Taxation Clinic 13/11/19

Wexford County Council, Carricklawn, Wexford
09:00 - 17:00
Business Training

A Finance/Taxation clinic aimed at owner/managers, sales and marketing staff, accounting staff.

This event is no longer available


A Finance/Taxation Clinic where owner/managers can meet with a finance/tax expert who will tease out/listed to the client on matters around their business currently and their ‘take’ on situations around tax management and other matters that may be compromising business viability for example the increasing cost of compliance, increasing competition yet costing a product/service in a way that ensures business viability.


  • Tax management including tax compliance and how best to resource this function, for example the business preparing proper books of accounts with a third party accounting filing a tax return.
  • Financial management. This broad based area can look at, for example, the interplay between cash flow challenges and the inadequacy of costing practices around goods/services which can compromise viability.
  • Financial control. Often SME’s will give credit. An example of an area that can be addressed in this clinic is how well the credit management function in a business is operating.
  • Funding for an SME. Where for example to source funding to meet a particular funding need for an SME.


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John Dempsey
John Dempsey Professional Services