The Owner Manager Programme

The Owner Manager Programme is designed to help your business develop to its full growth potential. The course involves workshops and individual meetings and runs over a 15 weeks period.  The fee for attending is €250 per person.  For further information or to book a place please click here.

This programme is always popular so apply for your place today – in the event of over subscription, selection criteria will apply.

Owner/Manager Programme:

Proposed Programme Framework.

Phase 1 - Identification of Training needs.
The specific training needs of the participants will be established during the early workshops and contacts. The goal here is to build trust and credibility between the participants and the trainer, which will be vital in making meaningful interventions.  

Phase 2 - Design of the training modules.     
Based on the results of this needs analysis process, the trainer will develop appropriate training modules to address the identified issues. These modules will be developed to suit the levels of the participants.

Phase 3 - Common Core Modules.
Develop and deliver common core modules for the group. Each will be pitched in both intensity and content to suite the chosen group. The content will obviously be based on the Training Needs established during Phase 1.  The following generic topics seem to be the critical ones that need to be addressed at these core workshops.

Draft Proposed Module Topics.

  • Self-development/Motivation.
  • General Management Training.
  • Finance / Business Planning.
  • Keeping proper A/c and planning for Tax.
  • Pricing/costing.
  • Waste in all its manifestations.
  • Negotiation skills.
  • Time management.
  • Pensions, Insurance, Expense Sheets etc.
  • Delegation and supervision.
  • Recruitment, Performance Evaluation, Employment legislation.
  • Planning for succession.
  • Strategic Positioning of the business.
  • Managing in this post Brexit plus inflation era.
  • Clarity re ---what business am I in??
  • How to set SMART Business Objectives
  • How to use the 80/20 Rule in my business.
  • How to reposition my Business into a more powerful position, so that my Business Objectives can be achieved.
  • Presenting my business to critical stakeholders.
  • Marketing / Promotion / Packaging / Advertising etc.
  • Sales Management.
  • Others as issues identified.

Phase 4 - Follow up Consultancy Support.
The focus of this intervention is to ensure that the participants apply their new acquired skills to enhance their projects back home. The interactive approach of the modules plus the one-on-one meetings and the Help Line are all designed to help anchor these learning points. 

Phase 5 - Networking.
Each participant has his/her own immediate network. Participating in the OMCDP allows each participant to establish a new network from within the group plus linkages into each of the others immediate networks.


Jim Hughes - Innovate Ltd.

‘If I was to use one word to describe the OMP and Blaise’s contribution to our business to-date it would be, ‘Pivotal’.  How does one find true north without a compass? Blaise and the OMP continues to supply this compass to direct our business.’

Anna Wickham - Oven Door Catering

‘Like eating porridge for Breakfast….a constant slow release of inspiration, skills and tools that energised my business every day’