The Owner Manager Programme

The Owner Manager Programme is designed to help your business develop to its full growth potential. The course involves workshops and individual meetings and runs over a 6 months period usually from September to April.

It is aimed at owner-managers of small businesses in County Wexford, e.g. those employing less than 20 people.  The objectives of the Programme is to help participating businesses to achieve their growth potential, and manage their existing growth, through a series of group training workshops and individual consultancy meetings.

Programme Content:

Phase 1 - Identification of Training Needs.

This will involve a face-to-face consulting meeting with each individual participant to establish a profile of your existing business and it's particular needs.  This will help to

-    Establish the critical issues relating to your business and establish the skill gaps that exist, which will be addressed during the programme.
-    Establish the real training needs in your business

Phase 2 - Training Workshops

Based on the training needs identified during the face-to-face consulting meeting, appropriate group training workshops will be developed in order to address the identified issues.  The workshop topics will be addressed in a practical manner to make them as relevant as possible to your business. 

Phase 3 - Follow Up Consultancy Support.

Each participating business will have at least three consultancy meetings.  These meetings will give you the opportunity to discuss the critical issues in your business in a confidential and professional manner.  A series of objectives for each business will be agreed at the first meeting to enable measurable progress to be made.  The meetings will also ensure that you apply what is learned at the workshops to your business.  A common complaint from small businesses is that they find training programmes too general and not relevant to their own particular business.  This support will ensure that this does not happen.

Help Line:

A unique feature of the programme will be a 'Help-Line' service.  This will allow you the opportunity to contact the trainer/consultant during or outside of office hours with your queries as they arise.  Often businesses need a bit of advice regarding a current critical issue, which they need to make quick decisions on.  This professional expert help will be available on an on-going basis.


Jim Hughes - Innovate Ltd - Winner of the National Enterprise Award 2012

‘If I was to use one word to describe the OMP and Blaise’s contribution to our business to-date it would be, ‘Pivotal’.  How does one find true north without a compass? Blaise and the OMP continues to supply this compass to direct our business.’

Anna Wickham - Oven Door Catering

‘Like eating porridge for Breakfast….a constant slow release of inspiration, skills and tools that energised my business every day’

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