Feasibility Grant

Feasibility/Innovation Grants are designed to assist the promoter with researching market demand for a product or service and examining its sustainability.

Expenditure may be considered under the following headings:

  • Innovation Costs. E.g Prototype development, research costs, patent costs.
  • Own Labour Research. Costs under this category may include own labour involved in carrying out research/prototype development. The maximum amount chargeable under this category is € 400 per week subject to the overall maximum under this category not exceeding 20% of the overall grant drawdown.
  • Consultancy Costs. These include design fees, and other consultancy fees.
  • Miscellaneous Costs. This may include telephone costs, mileage costs and travel costs. The overall maximum drawdown in this category should not exceed 20% of the overall grant level.

The maximum Feasibility Grant payable must not exceed 50% of the investment up to a maximum amount of €15,000 excluding VAT.

How Do I Apply?

If you are interested in applying for a Feasibility Study Grant you should firstly check the criteria for assistance to see if your business qualifies for funding (if you are unsure please contact us). You should then complete the Feasibility Study Grant Application form through our online applications system here.

Please contact us in advance of submitting the documents to discuss your application.