The Cork City Local Enterprise Office Mentor Programme is designed to help companies identify and overcome obstacles to growth. Through the mentoring service, we match up experienced business mentors with small business owner/managers, who need practical and strategic one to one advice and guidance. A range of mentors with varied experience and skill-sets is available and every effort is made to match the mentor to the specific needs of client companies.

Book a Mentor

You can book a mentor for 3 sessions to work with you one-to-one on your own specific business issues. The cost is € 50 and when you book online, we will contact you to set up the mentor assignment. Each session provides you with up to 3 hours contact time with a mentor, which can be made up of an on site/off site visit, email/telephone contact or time spent by the mentor undertaking research/information gathering on your behalf. Note it is not the role of the mentor to become actively involved in the day to day running of your business and for specific Legal, Tax or Accounts queries you should contact your Accountant or Solicitor.

Business Mentor Programme

The Business Mentor Programme is open to both new and existing businesses located within Cork City. If you are not based in Cork City we will not be able to provide mentoring to you/your business so if you are unsure which Local Enterprise Office you are covered by, please contact us. If you book with Cork City Local Enterprise Office and are based outside of the City, we will refund your payment and refer you to your relevant Local Enterprise Office in Cork County.

Each request from a client for a mentor will be dealt with on an individual basis. We reserve the right to refuse clients where mentoring support is considered not to be an appropriate support for the business at that particular time and other supports may be suggested to the client.

How to Apply for the Mentor Programme

For a highly subsidised client fee of €50 per mentoring assignment, the client will receive 3 mentoring sessions. You can complete our online application form and make payment here