Contemplating self-employment?

Arising from the COVID-19 lockdown, there are many who are contemplating getting into business for themselves. This webinar is designed for those who are at the early stages of considering whether to take the plunge into self-employment. It is a first step for those considering starting their own business.

The webinar will ensure that delegates are fully aware of key tasks as they contemplate self-employment ...

  • establishing that there is a market for their product or service - that there really is a demand for their product or service

  • that their costs and the market price are such that they can actually make money

  • understanding that being a micro entrepreneur involves many different roles

  • the establishment of their methods of fulfilling the roles

  • SWOT and USED analysis that that they can maximise their skills to make money for themselves

NB   This webinar - for people based in Cork City - is an informational session i.e. it is not a Start Your Own Business course.