Cork City Retail - Reboot Support Programme

Cork City Council’s Local Enterprise Office is running a short programme for owners/managers of small/micro retail and consumer-facing businesses (up to 10 employees) in Cork City providing expert advice and strategic focus on 20th October, 08:00-11:00, followed by onsite visit and assessment.  

According to Paul McGuirk, Head of Enterprise “We are delighted to have James Burke, who is one of Ireland’s leading food and retail business advisors, to help these businesses to look at new ways to improve their sales growth and profitability.” 

Cork City retailers have had a challenging 24 months with some businesses having to reinvent their model completely.  In the midst of all the challenges, retail opportunities have also surfaced with new online routes to market and alternative consumer shopping models being explored.  This programme will help owners/managers to stand back and take a strategic look at their business.  

The programme involves a short three-hour online workshop which will explore the latest retail and foodservice trends, and will help owners/ managers identify new business opportunity areas.  Each participating business will also receive a site visit from James Burke, who will undertake a thorough business assessment designed to flush out opportunities for 2022 and beyond.  “For any retail or foodservicebusiness owner seeking an outside view on their business while being facilitated to take a strategic look at the future, James Burke recommends, that this is a perfect short input programme.” 

The programme is open to traditional retailers / retailers with an online presence, cafés, eateries, beauticians, gyms hairdressers, barbers, opticians etc. 

Places on the programme can be booked on: 

 Additional information on the programme 

  • Open to micro / small businesses (up to 10 employees) e.g. traditional retailers / retailers with an online presence / cafes / eateries / beauticians / gyms / hairdressers / barbers, opticians etc.
  • Businesses must be based in Cork City i.e. in the administrative area of Cork City Council
  • This programme is for business owners/managers only (not for frontline staff)



  • One X 3-hour online webinar which will look at the global innovation for retail/consumer-facing businesses.  There will also be a section of this seminar dedicated to practical sales and marketing tips, and optimising online selling in a post-COVID marketplace.  The objective of this webinar is to learn from what others are doing and implement new ideas for your business 
  • On-site visit and assessment - this can be carried out by James in participants’ businesses or via Zoom, whichever each participant is happy with. 
  • A comprehensive written action report detailing practical steps participants could take to immediately accelerate their business.


 What others have said about this programme ….

 “This really got me to stand back and question everything I was doing” 

“I feel re-energised and lifted out of the day-to-day turmoil of retail.  I’m back in the driving seat” 

“ …the roadmap James left us with has given us the clarity we lacked”