Cork City students get the 2019-2020 Student Enterprise Programme underway at Clayton Hotel, Silver Springs

Cork City students get the 2019-2020 Student Enterprise Programme underway at Clayton Hotel, Silver Springs

  Rose Induction Day

Nineteen Cork City schools attending the first event of the 2019-20 Student Enterprise Programme at an induction day at Clayton Silver Springs Hotel. Over 1,000 Cork students will be represented by their schools during the course of the programme that culminates in a National Final at Croke Park on May 1, 2020.


The Student Enterprise Programme is an initiative run by the Network of Local Enterprise Offices of Ireland. It’s this country’s largest and most successful student enterprise programme, with over 26,000 second level students taking part each year.


Aimed at developing students’ business acumen and entrepreneurial skills, the eight month programme focuses 1st to 6th year secondary students on initiating a business idea, developing their sales and marketing skills and formulating an effective business plan that will yield results in a modern business environment.


Speaking at the induction day today, Paul McGuirk, Cork LEO, said: “This day is important for students as it gives them a comprehensive outline and focus on what is required for the competition and serves as an important experience in record keeping and reporting back to their teams. It also gives students the opportunity to brainstorm some ideas and have a think about the different roles required within their teams.”


A special mentoring day at the Irish headquarters of Otterbox follows for Cork students in October, before the very popular Christmas Trade Fair takes place in December at Blackpool Shopping Centre. 


Two new programmes will run for the first time during this year’s Student Enterprise Programme; 'My Entrepreneurial Journey’ is a new pilot programme is aimed at individual 1st, 2nd and 3rd Year students where they must imagine a future where they have set up a business and been on an entrepreneurial journey. 


Running alongside this will be ‘Creative Business Idea Award’ - a new pilot programme is aimed at Senior Cycle students and promotes the LEOs focus on driving innovative and creative business thinking. Students enter this competition as individuals and the theme of the award will change year to year. This year, the theme is ‘Go Green; Be Sustainable’.

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