Laundrie Case Study

Q&A with Evan Gray founder of Laundrie  

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  1. Tell us about your business. 

Laundrie is an on demand dry cleaning a laundry app. My business is leveraging technology to add convenience to my customers lives.

  1. How has Local Enterprise Office Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown supported your business to date? Which support(s) has been most beneficial to you and your business?

The Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown local enterprise office has been there for us from the beginning. We have been given a feasibility grant recently from LEO dlr which we have yet to draw down on but it is really appreciated.

  1. What is your best sales tip?

My best sales tip would be to be persistant, work hard and offer something different to the customer. 

    1. What was the best business advice you have received?

    I have six top pieces of business advice to share. 1) Trust yourself 2) Don't break rules 3) Don't be afraid to fail 4) Ignore the naysayers 5) Give something back  6) Work like hell!

    1. How did you raise the finance for your business?

    Personal savings, help from my family. 

    1.  What are the best digital tools you have used to grow your business? 
    • Online social media was the best way for me to reach my target market. I have used "Sprout social" to analyse social media effectiveness which I have found very useful.
    • Google Analytics also gives me insights into how people use the Laundrie app, pain points etc. 
    1.  What advice do you have for other entrepreneurs? 

    1) Ignore the naysayers 2) Listen to your instincts - only you know your business 3) Work hard but not in a silo -you can’t do it on your own

    Many thanks to Laundrie for taking part in this interview!

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