LIFT Leadership Programme

LIFT Leadership Programme

LIFT Ireland is a not-for-profit initiative aimed at increasing the level of positive leadership in Ireland. Leadership is not limited to a select few and everyone can be a leader in their own way.
At LIFT Ireland, we are building a nation of positive leaders. We believe that the more people ‘living LIFT’, the better the future we create for our country.

LIFTIntroduction to LIFT

LIFT Ireland is a not-for-profit initiative aimed at increasing the level of positive leadership in Ireland. Founded in late 2017, the movement was officially launched in May 2018 at LIFT OFF, an inaugural event attended by some of Ireland’s foremost leaders in business, arts, education and sport.

LIFT Ireland was founded by leadership expert Joanne Hession along with her brother, David Hession, and Sonya Lennon of Dress for Success Dublin. LIFT is also backed by an exemplary advisory board made up of some of Ireland’s most influential community representatives and business people.

LIFT’s journey towards introducing 10% of Ireland’s population to its leadership value training commenced with twenty-three Founding Partners. Today we have over 50 Partner organisations and not for profit organisations, and over 50 secondary schools currently living LIFT or in the pipeline to start in the coming months.

Upcoming LIFT Ireland events:

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In light of COVID-19, LIFT Roundtables and Training are online. 

What is LIFT?

LIFT stands for ‘Leading Ireland’s Future Together’.

LIFT is a force to improve the quality of leadership in Ireland – from the kitchen table to the classroom; in the clubhouse and the boardroom.

LIFT is an eight-part, group learning programme. LIFT’s programme is being rolled out nationwide via a volunteer facilitator network with an overall goal of reaching 10% of the population within ten years.  We firmly believe that the more people ‘living LIFT’, the better it is for our country’s future.

The learning process is based on eight key leadership values:

  • Listening
  • Positive Attitude
  • Honesty & Integrity
  • Respect
  • Accountability
  • Dedication & Determination
  • Competence
  • Empathy & Understanding

Each week, for a total of eight weeks, a certified LIFT facilitator guides a roundtable of 4-5 individuals through a specific leadership value. Using a proven systemic approach, the members of each roundtable reflect on what that value means to them and how they can improve in this area.

Central to LIFT’s learning process are the roundtable groups. While undertaking the LIFT leadership programme, roundtable group sessions take place once a week. If group sizes are kept to a maximum of 4-5 people, these sessions usually take 30-40 minutes to complete.

Who is it for?

Everyone is welcome! Whether you’re a business owner aiming to increase employee engagement and productivity or a parent striving to connect the family and build harmony in the home. Each of us is a potential leader and can grow these skills on our LIFT roundtables.

LIFT is essential for organisations as the research clearly displays that organisations with strong leadership values perform better. They respond better to crises and bounce back more quickly. (Kiels, 2015; Ivey Business School, 2009). CEO of Digicom, Greg Clark recommends “that all organisations consider living LIFT. It is powerful in its simplicity and the return on time and financial investment is unquestionable”. LIFT online roundtables help organisations build character and leadership in their teams. This leads to increased employee engagement, collaboration and productivity.

LIFT is equally vital for individuals, communities and families. 90% of LIFT participants say that LIFT works in focusing them on values such as Positive Attitude, Innovation and Empathy, especially in challenging times.

Impact of LIFT

As part of the larger national LIFT Ireland initiative, we monitor impact carefully through online surveys that all our participant take. The data we have collected reports back excellent results.

  • 89% of those who have taken part in LIFT roundtables say that it has been a direct cause of positive behavior change
  • 99.4% agree LIFT is an effective process for learning leadership
  • 98.7% agree that their understanding of good leadership has improved

Some Testimonials

"I am watching real change, due to the empowerment of the LIFT Programme and the shift in attitude of the SOLAS organisation. I KNOW LIFT work will be vital in our culture going forward , go forth and conquer, we are just thrilled to be a part of the journey" - Moira Walsh, SOLAS

"We’re better as a team. We’ve better empathy for each other, we’ve better understanding for each other….The team just feels happier, more content. It doesn’t feel as stressful…there are absolute benefits to RSA as we’ve seen it…We are honest about what we tolerate and what we won’t and we’ve become less tolerant of bad behaviour." - Amanda Johnson, RSA

"We found LIFT really effective, simple and of huge value for us as individuals in terms of how we treat ourselves, how we behave and how we behave both within the organisation and in your home life, sporting life, in the clubs and  with the people you interact with on a daily basis. It equipped us with skills from just listening better to actually treating people better. The really nice thing about LIFT is: it's not a big fancy, costly programme but it does have a Robin Hood methodology." - Áine Corneally, Bank of Ireland   

Partner organisations include: AIB, Bank of Ireland, Cancer Trials Ireland, Debra Ireland, Burren Smokehouse, RSA Insurance, RTE, Vodafone Ireland, Chupi, ESB, SOLAS, ROTHCO, Digicom, ROCHE, Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council, The Entrepreneurs Academy, Musgraves, PREM Group, The DAA, Enterprise Ireland, GOAL Ireland, Munster Rugby, CPL, Phonovation, SalesSense, Make A Wish and many others. We are also partnered with over 40 secondary schools nationally and rolling out LIFT with their teachers and students.

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Online Leadership Sessions

A LIFT online leadership session (also called a roundtable) is a space where we work through a proven process to think about leadership values, what they mean to us and how we could strengthen them. This is done by connecting a small group through Zoom and working through a LIFT leadership trait such as Positive Attitude, Determination, or Resilience.

Sessions are being run everyday, six times a day and more sessions are being continuously added to keep up with demand. Pick a day and time which suits you. Just one session a week will build your leadership muscle.

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When this virus ends, which of course it will, who will be the people that we talk about with respect and gratitude for the way that they handled things? I believe it will be those people who didn’t wait for others to sort things out, but instead asked ‘what can I do to make things better here, and now?

Above extract from The time to lead is now