FULL Management Capability Programme

FULL Management Capability Programme

Financial Understanding, Lean and Leadership

Full Programme V2

The FULL program will save your business over 80% on the cost of Financial Mentoring or Lean training. Leadership training and the finance skills APP are free!

The FULL programme is a Council led economic development initiative providing local large and small companies with practical training in three critical areas that are essential for long term growth; increased Financial Understanding, Lean Thinking and Leadership for a positive culture.

If you are one of the many business owners that are lacking basic financial skills required to understand what is happening in their company. The Financial Understanding part of the program is for you, aiming to provide long term mentoring from a seasoned financial expert for one hour a week for up to 6 months. If you are a smaller company, you can apply to us for shorter term mentoring or avail of the Financial Understanding App which is an excellent resource to start building those essential skills.

Central to any growth however is empowerment and we believe this comes from having a brilliant culture and that's where the second part of the full program focuses on. We have teamed up with Lift Ireland to continue the partnership to transform culture in our local companies in a highly time efficient and well proven system.

The third piece of the Programme is Lean For Leaders which is aimed and senior management in companies that have over 30 employees, with this program introducing critical thinking at a leadership level into companies with the potential to transform their future. We also offer a Lean for Micro for smaller sized businesses.

* Please note: the FULL training supports are available to businesses based in Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown only* 

Financial Understanding

The Financial Understanding programmes on offer are highly practical and geared towards busy company owners managing finances who may not have a formal background in this area.

There are 2 levels of support:

1. Training App

(for all businesses sizes)

This is a new app we have designed to enable the users to question their existing accounting practise and knowledge. The app is designed in such a way to be engaging and relatively non-technical. After going through the exercises business owners will find themselves with a better understanding of how and why they need to understand their financial data and what it can tell them about their business. We expect users will benefit immediately from what they learn in this app and how this new found knowledge can make a material difference and impact to their business.

Register your Interest here, (launching December 2021, FREE)

2. Mentoring in Financial Management Capability

(for businesses with 10 or more employees)

We have teamed up with The Agile Executive to deliver one-to-one mentoring over six months to companies to strengthen their strategic financial capabilities (a skill that has been identified by the OECD being generally weak in Irish SMEs) enabling them to make informed financial/ operational decisions for future growth.

Participants will work with their mentor to identify weaknesses in financial capability and build expertise in these areas enabling a step change in their financial management capability. Areas for improvement could include:

  • Financial Processes – are they efficient right now and as the business grows?
  • Resources – are they providing the support the business needs?
  • Planning – how strong is your planning?
  • Management – are current management processes driving the business forward?
  • Business Performance – is the business generating the return it should be?
  • Funding – do you have the correct funding to support growth?
  • Long Term Planning – do you have a long-term financial plan for the business and the owners?

Click here to apply  (€500 application fee)

Note: The full value is €2,700 but this is reduced to €500 as the Council is heavily subsidising the programme


Lean Thinking

Companies that have embraced LEAN thinking have a deeper understanding of where there is wasted time, energy and resources in their organisations resulting in companies that have;

  • Improve customer experience and increase loyalty
  • Decrease lead times
  • Reduced costs and less waste
  • Engage employees and improve morale
  • Increased revenue through more efficient processes

Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council, in cooperation local business associations can support your business to introduce the globally renowned Lean business tools and techniques.

We offer 2 levels of support:

1. Lean for Micro

(for small businesses)

The Lean for Micro programme is aimed at owners/managers and key staff members of established small businesses (ideally up to 20 and potentially 30 employees) who want to introduce Lean concepts by working on a focused assignment with expert mentoring support.

Participants receive group training and individual support from a designated mentor to bring practical project tasks to a successful conclusion.

Click here to register your interest (available immediately, €250 reg. fee)

Note: Full Value is over €2,000 but cost significantly reduced with aid from Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown Council


2. Lean for Leaders

(for businesses 30 or more employees)

The Lean for Leaders programme is aimed at Senior Executives managing companies with more than 30 employees. The programme will introduce the concepts of Lean thinking and it will involve actively bringing Lean tools into their organisations by undertaking a specific improvement project that will create a significant positive impact on their company.

Participants will take part in a series of weekly interactive workshops and also benefit from one-to-one mentoring with a Lean specialist. The mentor will guide the company on their lean journey with the aim of delivering targeted results.

A key focus of the Lean for Leaders programme is on the transfer of knowledge and understanding to build the capability and capacity of companies to apply lean principles. But most importantly the programs is to encourage Lean thinking at senior management as all change needs to come from the top.

Click here to register your interest (available mid-September, €250 reg. fee)

Note: Full Value is over €2,000 but cost significantly reduced with aid from Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown Council 

Leadership with LIFT

Living Lift

We have partnered with Lift Ireland to deliver their excellent Leadership programme which can significantly improve the culture in any organisation. 

We have found this to be the most effective leadership programme producing real long term cultural change benefiting employees at all levels in any size company. The programme is very attractive to companies due to the efficient delivery and real impact only requiring one hour once a week. We have adopted this programme internally in the council and recognise the significant benefits that it can provide.

A full impact report can be found here

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