Online Marketing & Social Media

Build an Online Marketing & Social Media Strategy for your Business.

Are you looking to grow your business' online presence but are unsure of how best to do it?

Local Enterprise Office Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown has developed an evening programme for you and your business. Under the guidance of specialist experienced online marketing practitioners and trainers, you will learn how to devise and execute a customised and integrated web marketing strategy for your business.

All course content has been carefully chosen to support any new or established product or service-led business.
Class sizes are limited to 15 people to maximise learning outcomes for participants.

* Please note that the below course content is for general information purposes. It is subject to review and change at the discretion of LEO DLR.

Session 1

How digital marketing and social media can grow your business

Session 2

Introduction to Twitter and Instagram for Business

  • Introduction to key Twitter and Instagram terminology and 'netiquette'
  • Setting up or improving your Twitter and Instagram account(s)
  • How to write an effective Tweet/Instagram post and how to use hash tags
  • How to create a significant group of relevant followers
  • Linking your Twitter feed with other social media to cross post
  • Introduction to Twitter/Instagram paid ads

Session 3

Introduction to Facebook for Business

  • Introduction to key Facebook terminology and 'netiquette'
  • Setting up Facebook business pages with each of the participants
  • Strategies for increasing the Likes to your business page
  • How to use your personal profile to promote your business in a way that us compatible with Facebook netiquette
  • Learn how to use Facebook to build your brand visibility
  • Introduction to Facebook paid ads

Session 4

Introduction to Linkedin for Business

  • Introduction to key Linkedin terminology and ‘netiquette’
  • Setting up or improving your Linkedin profile
  • Using your Linkedin profile to complement the marketing of your business
  • Creating your Business page on Linkedin
  • Using groups on Linkedin to advance your business goals
  • Introduction to Linkedin paid ads

Session 5

Introduction to Effective Content Writing, Search Engine Optimisation & Web Analytics

  • How to write effective content for the web that includes search engine keywords
  • Introduction to key Google search terminology and Web Analytics
  • How to improve organic search engine ranking
  • How to maximise the conversion of visitors to customers
  • How to maintain search engine visibility over time

Session 6

Introduction to Google AdWords and YouTube Video

  • How to set-up AdWords campaigns that are cost effective by focussing on niches
  • How to control your AdWords budget
  • Improve their results by choosing the right keywords in good niches
  • Bid on keywords in the AdWords auction
  • How to write copy for AdWords that maximises the click through rate
  • Introduction to key YouTube terminology
  • How to write the story board for your video
  • How to set up and edit on YouTube
  • Create a short video
  • How to maximise engagement for your videos

Session 7

Introduction to Email Marketing

  • Introduction to key email marketing terminology and 'netiquette'
  • Advantages and use cases for email marketing
  • Setting up and using cost effective industry standard email marketing tools such as MailChimp
  • How to grow your email subscriber list
  • GDPR, data protection and the what to do and not to do when it comes to email marketing

Session 8

Bringing it all together in an integrated online strategy for your business

This workshop will focus on providing participants with a recap on the key learnings from the programme, creating a strategy for the future based on your programme workbook in order to continue the momentum after the programme

Delivery Methodology

This programme will include a combination of short presentations integrated with group work and individual tasks online with a strong emphasis on practical application throughout. Participants will get the opportunity to practice their skills during the programme in a way that will allow you to immediately apply the topics covered in your businesses. This will be supported by relevant printed materials that participants will receive.

Please note, as this is a practical workshop, participants are required to bring their own laptop and smart phones (that can connect to WiFi).

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