8 Week Start Your Own Business Course: Starts 12th Jan 2022

6.30pm - 9.30pm
Start Your Own Business

Looking to Start Your Own Business but unsure of where to begin? Book a place on our 8 week course. Starts Wednesday, 12th Jan 2022

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Get Your Business Up & Running in 2022

Are you looking to Start Your Own Business but are unsure of how and where to begin?


We've developed an 8 week evening programme for you. Under the guidance of a specialist training company, you will learn how to research your business idea, assess its commercial viability, pick an appropriate business structure, identify sources of funding and explore effective sales and marketing strategies. All course content has been carefully chosen to support any new product or service-led business. Class sizes are limited to 15 people to maximise learning outcomes for participants. The course is limited to individuals who are based or whose business is/will be based in the Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown area.


This course runs from Wednesday 12th January to Wednesday 3rd March 2022. The course will take place online.


Session  1


12th January

Programme Introduction & Entrepreneurship

To provide a comprehensive and thorough introduction to the programme as a platform for quality delivery and active participation. The introductory workshop is designed to help individuals who are considering starting their own business and those who may be unsure about their idea.

The focus initially will be on developing frameworks to guide the creative thinking process. The workshop will encourage participants to take an entrepreneurial approach to creative thinking and will provide them with the tools to assess the feasibility of new ideas.

Sessions 2 & 3


19th January



26th January


Preparing a Business Plan & Legal Issues for Start Ups

  • Introducing participants to some basic business concepts in order to commence the business planning
  • Presenting an investor ready business plan and pitching will be inbuilt into the module.
  • Understanding the options available for the most effective legal structure for your business.
  • Understand your legal obligations to employees – employment law
  • Understand Insurance and Tax implications for a small business (including VAT, PRSI, PAYE)
  • Develop an understanding of the importance of GDPR Policy within the workplace and with staff awareness

Sessions 4 & 5











2nd February



9th February


Marketing for Small Business

  • Introduction to Marketing Methods and tools
  • Learn to assess Market opportunities – will your product or service sell?
  • Creating a Value Proposition
  • Identifying target markets and segments
  • Cost effective marketing on a shoestring
  • Action Plans for implementation
  • How to use social media to engage with your customers


Achieving Excellence in Sales

  • The Selling Process – how and what am I selling
  • Developing a selling approach
  • Identifying potential customer – ‘Drawing up a list of suspects’ / Prospecting
  • Minimising time-wasting sales activity
  • Developing your Elevator Pitch
  • Closing effectively
  • Analysis of cost-efficient tools to forecast and plan for future sales

Sessions 6, 7 & 8








16th February



23rd February



3rd March

Introduction to Finance & Taxation and Funding Sources

  • Fixed and variable overheads
  • Pricing your product or service
  • Putting metrics on all activity to determine best revenue/profit model for your business
  • Understanding financial analysis tools – examination of the realities of financial planning and pricing for profit
  • Using a business model for prioritising risks
  • Assessing commercial viability

On completion of this module, learners will understand the dynamics of each financial statement and be able to build the following accounts:

• Profit and Loss account

• Cash Flow Statement

• Balance sheet


The taxation workshop is designed to help those looking to start a business to develop their understanding of the legal taxation requirements for a small business owner and to ensure compliance. This workshop will allow participants to gain a working knowledge of taxation issues and the ways to manage accounts and prepare tax accounts.

* Please note that changes to the running order of these sessions may be made.

The training company running this course is Optimum Limited


'Start Your Own Business' Course - How it is Delivered

This course features group work, individual tasks, presentations, Q&A and exercises. The priority is to equip participants with knowledge and skills which they can implement into their new businesses.


Book Your Place & Get Your Business Started...

The Course Fee is €150 per person and is payable prior to course commencement. To Book & Pay for your place now, simply follow the 'Book Now' link at the top of this page. If you need any assistance, please contact (01) 204 7083 or leo@dlrcoco.ie