Plan and Brief a New Website - Thursday 9th April 2020

Even if you are paying an excellent website maker to create a new website for you, there is a huge amount of work and planning involved. There are a lot of things you need to consider, and know about, before you sit down with your website developer.

LIFT Ireland - Leadership & Facilitator Training - 6th March

LIFT Ireland are hosting this half day Leadership & Facilitator Training workshop where they will be adding to their network of over 800 facilitators. 

LEAN DLR - Faster, Better, Cheaper - 3rd March

Learn about the benefits of Lean business and how it has been applied effectively in a range of businesses in DLR.

Link Network Building the Brand of you on Social Media - 3rd March

For our March Link Network event, as part of Local Enterprise Week 2020, Carol O'Kelly of RedStorm will look at how to craft a valuable and relevant Personal Brand with a focus on your key audiences.

David Meade Presents "Engage for Success" - 5th March

David Meade, Internationally renowned Speaker, BBC TV Presenter, and Expert on what makes humans ‘tick’ will deliver deep insights, new techniques, and vital takeaways to help you succeed.