AI for Competitive Analysis and Strategic Planning - 27th June 2024

Online Via Zoom
9.30am - 12.30pm

Delve into how AI can uncover deep market insights, predict trends, and help you out-maneuver competitors.

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AI for Competitive Analysis and Strategic Planning

This workshop introduces SMEs to the transformative potential of AI in competitive analysis and strategic business planning. It delves into how AI can uncover deep market insights, predict trends, and help SMEs out-maneuver competitors.

The session is designed to provide a thorough understanding of the tools and methodologies that can turn data into strategic foresight. Participants will leave the workshop with a robust set of AI-driven tools and strategies for competitive analysis and business planning. They will be well-equipped to utilise AI not just as a technological tool, but as a core component of their strategic decision-making process.


Workshop Content:

  • The principles of competitive analysis using AI technologies.
  • Techniques for leveraging AI to understand consumer behaviour.
  • Using AI to identify new market opportunities and niches.
  • AI tools for strategic decision-making and business model innovation.
  • Scenario planning with AI to prepare for various market conditions.
  • Crafting a strategic business plan with the aid of AI insights and analytics.
  • Integrating AI with SWOT & PESTLE analysis for a comprehensive view of competitive standing.
  • The role of AI in continuous competitive monitoring and real-time strategy adaptation.
  • Ethical considerations and best practices in AI deployment for strategic purposes.


Within an interactive workshop you will:

  • Get an Introduction to AI tools for in-depth competitive market analysis.
  • Learn how to use AI for strategic foresight and predictive analytics.
  • Develop Skills to identify and seize market opportunities through AI insights.
  • Gain the knowledge to integrate AI into business planning for sustainable growth.
  • Become more proficient in using AI for scenario planning and risk assessment.
  • Understand how to leverage AI for continuous competitive advantage.
  • Develop capacity to make data-driven strategic decisions supported by AI.
  • Develop an awareness of ethical implications and responsible use of AI in strategic analysis.


Delivery Methodology

The workshop will be delivered remotely and will be highly interactive and engaging for participants with real time demonstrations.

About your Facilitator

This workshop is being facilitated by Content Plan.


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