NovaUCD Pricing Guidance Workshop for Start-ups and SMEs Tuesday March 6th

The Studio, dlr Lexicon, Dún Laoghaire
8am - 10am (Registration 7.30am)
Enterprise Week

Organised by Nova UCD in association with LEO DLR, this workshop will demonstrate the importance of pricing and how essential it is to increase margins and ensure your business is successful.

This event is no longer available

Pricing Guidance Workshop for Start-Ups and SMEs

Warren Buffet is quoted as once saying "The single most important decision in evaluating a business is pricing power." Pricing is at the heart of every business, and given its massive influence on the future success of a business, it warrants immediate attention at early sales stage.

It is often overlooked and undervalued in many businesses, both start-up and mature, leading to slim or no margins, missed sales targets and in quite a number of cases business failure. This is really not all that surprising as pricing as a topic is very complicated and not intuitive, and is often said to be more of an art than a science. In this workshop the attendee will really increase their knowledge of this critical area.

Workshop content:

  • What should be your pricing strategy? Value based, positioning based on value and competition, fit to go to market strategy.
  • How to define your pricing model? How to differentiate between various customers segments?
  • What should be the on-boarding model? Freemium or not? Free trials, paid pilots, set up?
  • How to support internal growth through the right model
  • Price points, how to balance prices between various customers segments?
  • How to allocate product features? Basic product, add-on, module
  • How to manage pricing over time? Price increase, customer success and retention
  • What pricing processes should be in place to maximise the price while minimising the risk of loosing the deal?
  • Sales remunerations and escalations, price performance management, discounting
  • How to present prices? Communications in each stage of the deal, effective pricing proposal

SagyThe workshop will be delivered by Sagy Gulianka, a leading pricing expert used by multinationals consulting with Tier 1 and 2 brands across multiple sectors at a global level and is a long-serving mentor at Microsoft's accelerator (, The Junction (, and Nielsen Innovate Fund ( in Israel.

Sagy has extensive experience helping start-ups implement optimal pricing both for launch and while scaling to achieve the best chance of success. He has assisted hundreds of companies with a strong focus on Hi-tech, with their pricing challenges.