Envirico - Lean for Micro Case Study

Envirico - Lean for Micro Case Study

Envirico is an environmental company specialising in ecology, training and invasive species control such as infestations of Japanese Knotweed, for example. Clientele typically include a broad range of commercial, state and semi-state bodies.

The ‘LEAN for Micro’ programme is a Local Enterprise Office support which is designed for small businesses who wish to use LEAN principles and tools in order to operate faster, more efficiently and cost effectively. As participants in this programme, key personnel in Envirico undertook practical assignments specific to their business, attended workshops and availed of expert mentoring support.

Envirico’s initial assignment in 2019 focussed on adopting a LEAN approach to service delivery by standardising internal work practices and processes across two offices, in Kilkenny and Kerry, so as to ensure compliance, achieve optimum information flow and repeatable outcomes. This project not only assisted in developing an internal culture of continuous improvement but also delivered streamlined and uniform processes resulting in a 15% reduction in lead times.

Given the success of the first assignment, the team revisited the programme again in 2020 with a view to devising key performance indicators and assessing costing and tendering practices so as to determine the types of projects that are ‘best fit’ in terms of available resources and profitability.

“We found the programme to be very accessible and beneficial. In particular, the input and objectivity of external experts in assessing operational processes and practices was invaluable. We are now more selective in the projects we undertake and in doing so, we maximise our resources, increase our capacity and boost our bottom line. In fact, we are already thinking about reengaging in the programme again in the near future.” - Amanda Greer, Senior Project Manager at Envirico.

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