Technical Assistance for Micro Exporters Grant


Technical Assistance for Micro  Exporter Grants

Aim: To enable clients to explore/develop new market opportunities. The grant will part –fund costs that can be incurred in investigating and researching export markets. These grants are an export market support mechanism for businesses to identify and development export market opportunities.

Who is eligible?

The grant is focussed primarily on existing LEO (Measure 1 grant clients) or potential clients within the usual eligibility criteria for qualification for grant assistance i.e. the business must be manufacturing or be an internationally traded service.

Note: Eligible business if they met the criteria above should also:

  1. Have 10 or less employees
  2. Be located in Co. Kilkenny
  3. Be commercial
  4. Demonstrate the market for their product /service

Funding Available:

Maximum grant of 50% of eligible costs up to max payment of €2,500. The proposal cannot have been funding from any other public source.

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