18152 Food Safety HACCP Training including Covid-19 Induction Training

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Tuesday 11th August 2020
10.30am - 1.30pm
Business Training

This Level 1 Food Safety & Allergen Awareness course covers an introduction to food safety, food poisoning, allergens and allergen awareness, micro-organisms, contamination, personal hygiene, cleaning, pest control, waste management and the principles of HACCP.

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Certified Level 1 – Food Safety/HACCP Training (Mapped to FSAI Standards) to include COVID-19 Induction Training


Level 1 Food Safety Training is suitable for those who do not handle the food directly, for example a waiter. The course is suitable for all food handlers who have completed training in the past. It is also used as a refresher course for Level 2 Food Safety Training every 2 years. As of May 2020, all workers are now required to complete induction training prior to returning to work or before they start a new job. This course will equip you with this knowledge

Topics Covered:

Level 1 Food Safety Training covers the basic food safety skills as laid down by The Food Safety Authority of Ireland.

• Causes of Food Poisoning

• Hazards – bacterial, chemical, physical and allergens

• Contamination

• Microorganisms

• Personal Hygiene

• Pest Control

• Waste Management

• Cleaning and Disinfection

• Allergens


COVID-19 Induction Training

• What is Covid-19 – Sign & Symptoms

• Employer/Employee Responsibilities

• Lead Worker Representatives

• Personal Hygiene

• Personal, Protective Equipment

• Physical Distancing

Certified; Level 1 Food Safety Training is certified by The Food Safety Company, which is mapped to the Food Safety Professionals Association Standards.

Validation: Certification is valid for 2 years.

Please note: This course is open to businesses in Kilkenny and the South East.