270215 Google Ads and Google Analytics

Kilkenny Education Centre, Callan Road, Kilkenny
Wednesday 15th May
9.30am - 4.30pm
I.T. Training

Google AdWords is a very effective way to drive quality traffic to a website and generate sales and leads. This course will give the participants hands on experience setting up a Google search ad campaign. Participants will learn to use Google analytics effectively, understand the jargon, set up goal conversions and event tracking.

This event is no longer available

Morning: Google Ads

  • Setting up a campaign in Google AdWords
  • Setting up an AdGroup and choosing keywords
  • Keyword Quality score
  • Using the Google Keyword Planner and Google auto-complete for choosing campaign keywords
  • Writing an effective ad and using Ad extensions effectively to increase position and click through rate
  • Evaluation of existing campaign and improvements to ensure a high click through rate and conversion rate
  • Linking Google Analytics data and reading the reports
  • Conversions: setting up conversion tracking
  • Customising and downloading reports

Afternoon: Google Analytics

  • Understanding the jargon
  • Analytics checklist
  • Setting up goal conversions & event tracking
  • Using annotations for tracking advertising/marketing activity
  • Creating admins - giving access to key personnel


Participants should have analytics set up and installed on their site prior to attending this workshop.  Participants should have their Google ads account fully set up prior to the day.  Phone and email assistance can be provided if required.