270247 Don't Lose Touch with Your Customers

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Wednesday 27th May 2020
2.00pm - 5.00pm
Business Training

Businesses that continue to communicate with their customers during a period of closure find it easier to reopen successfully and win back their customers. This half day programme will help you explore easy low costs ways of continuing to communicate with your customers. The programme will also explore appropriate and relevant messages to send to your customers.

This event is no longer available

Who is this programme for?

If you have had to close your business temporarily, scale down your business or change how your business operates this programme is for you.  This programme will help you explore what you need to say to your customers and will help you to refine your message in a language that your customers will understand and appreciate.

This programme helps you work out:

  •  What you need to communicate to your customers
  •  Platforms for communicating your message in a low-cost way, including social media, Whatsapp, text, website etc.
  •  Understanding how your customers perceive your business during reduced trading or closure
  •  Expressing empathy to your customers in communications
  •  Educating your customers to new work practices or when and how your business will reopen
  •  How often do you need to communicate with customers to keep them engaged with your business?

At the end of the programme you will be able to formulate a communications plan that you can implement to retain contact with your customers throughout this period of closure or reduced/adjusted trading.

Please note:  This programme is open to Businesses in the South East.