Managing Your Start Up Programme - Expression of Interest

Friday 30th September
To Be Advised
Management Development

This programme is suitable for Kilkenny based owner/managers of relatively new start up enterprises less than 3 years trading who need to examine their current trading position and plans for future growth.


The aim of this programme is to equip participants to interpret information and understanding of current issues and where necessary, to re-define their product/service offering and the way they do business.

Participants will gain a deeper level of knowledge and understanding of their current marketing strategy, financials, operations and address issues they are facing as their business develops as well as developing plans for future development

Training Objectives;

  • Know how your business is performing
  • Know how to address current issues and capitalise on opportunities
  • Have a written plan on how you will grow your business
  • Be able to use that growth to create and resource future plans and developments
  • Be more sure and confident in developing and managing your business
  • Be aware of and be able to implement further interventions and supports in the pursuit of "growth" of your People, Profits and Markets

The cost of this programme is €50