Manufacturing Supports Guide

Ireland’s manufacturing base is a key pillar of Ireland’s economy supporting, in 2014, direct employment of 218,500. Manufacturing; value added (% of GDP) in Ireland was last measured by the World Bank at 19.44 in 2013. In addition manufacturing is a key driver of RD&I within Irish based firms. Significantly these manufacturing operations are regionally distributed, providing employment opportunities throughout all regions of Ireland. 

The strategic importance of a Nation’s manufacturing ecosystem based on competitiveness, innovation and collaboration is recognised globally as a key differentiator. Manufacturing is changing dramatically, driven by changing consumer demands, the rapid pace of advances in technologies, environmental concerns, intensified globalisation and competition. By 2030 the landscape will look significantly different from today and virtually unrecognisable from that of 15 years ago. Ireland remains vulnerable to changing investment trends in manufacturing globally, which in turn has potentially significant negative implications on Ireland’s future economic growth and job creation.

The significant importance of the manufacturing sector to the Irish Government is evident in its alignment and embedding with respective strategies and policies, the “Making it in Ireland Manufacturing 2020”, its ongoing investments in research and technology centres of relevance to manufacturing sectors, priority focus on key manufacturing sectors by the enterprise development agencies and in particular the more recent initiative being progressed through the Action Plan for Jobs 2015 to assess the need in Ireland for an innovative advance manufacturing centre.

Ireland’s manufacturing sector which includes both multinational and indigenous firms continues to deliver strong growth and job creation throughout the country, and is a key driver of innovation. Key sectors include Pharma and Bio Pharma, Medical Devices, Food, ICT and industrial products that have played a strong role in Ireland’s economic recovery and will continue to be crucial to Ireland’s development over the coming decade. Government Agencies, working together with industry, will continue to influence and drive Ireland’s investment in its skills and capabilities to sustain and grow the existing and significant manufacturing asset and to better position Ireland to win new investments in manufacturing into the future.

This brochure sets out the general supports for the manufacturing sector on offer from various government organisations and agencies. It is not a definitive guide in this respect as the types of supports are constantly being adapted to meet the ever changing manufacturing environment.

Manufacturing Guide: An Overview of Government Supports for Manufacturing In Ireland