Mapping the Skills of County Cork

Cork County Council and Abodoo have launched a new initiative to map the skills of Cork County

The way we work has changed forever. With the impact of Covid-19, many companies are now realising the potential of remote work and are establishing Smart Working models (a mix of home, hub or hybrid).

This means Cork County residents now have an incredible opportunity to secure local, national and international careers anywhere in Cork County. We want to support people in connecting with this new way of working

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Abodoo, a global skills mapping platform that launched from Ireland, is using their innovative technology to invite people from Cork to register their skills for the new world of work. Each registration is anonymous to support reduced bias and diversity hiring. Opportunities are matched based on skills first.

This ongoing live mapping of the full spectrum of skills will influence future policy developments that will stimulate economic growth in the county, support the opening of future digital hubs and highlight the talent pool for foreign direct investment as well as expansion by indigenous Irish companies and sectors.

Register now at and be included anonymously in the first countywide Talent Heat Map to showcase to the world the skills of our County.

 Everyone is welcome to register, people currently residing, diaspora wishing to return, individuals wanting to relocate and businesses wishing to set up.

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* Information provided in the talent heat mapping will not include any personally identifiable material and will capture key data points for remote and office working.